best of live Orange blog 2012

Best-of: the 10 most popular articles of 2012


The year 2012 is coming to an end. The Orange live blog team will return at the beginning of January ready to start a new year with you. Highlights will include the CES Las Vegas from a technology aspect, the African Cup of Nations in sports and the visit to the Louvre-Lens museum from a cultural viewpoint.

But before we turn over our calendars here are the 10 articles that proved most popular with you in 2012:

best of live Orange blog 2012
best of live Orange blog 2012

1 the new 2012 Roland Garros poster: what’ s your take? – Last year’s very original poster for Roland Garros created by Hervé Di Rosa triggered many reactions. Will the 2013 poster fare better? Just as puzzling at first glance, it’s anybody’s guess! See it for yourself here.

2 7 apps that spring to mind! - Our selection of 7 special apps for spring is still current and you can find something for winter too so don’t hesitate to find and download them at Orange Labs Prime Zone ;)

3 iPhone 5 launch: a very special camper in front of the San Francisco Apple Store #blogbus – It has to be said this video is completely crazy! One person even paid someone to be at the front of the queue outside the Apple Store so they could be the first to buy the iPhone 5 for them!

4 #Cannes2012 Paradise: Love, Ulrich Seidl and emotional deprivation – This movie in competition at Cannes attempts to portray the emotional misery that leads Austrian women to travel to Africa to search for false love. Our blogger wasn’t convinced by it. You can read his review. It will be released in France on January 9 but there is no UK release planned.

5 film review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – We really enjoyed this movie on the other hand which may be clichéd but took us on a journey for the duration of the cinema showing with made-in-England actors each one as fabulous as the next!

6 The Dark Knight Rises review #TDKR  – It was one of the blockbusters of the year. It ended up in 2nd place at the global box office for the year with 448.1 million dollars taken. Great work then by Christopher Nolan.

7 Facebook and your love life – This coded infographic from our colleagues at Orange Spain shows how Facebookers’ statuses change according to their love lives – unusual, funny and surprising!

8 film review: Sadako 3D #Cannes2012 - This movie was presented at the Cannes Festival Film Market and our blogger took this opportunity to go and see it exclusively because no release is planned for the UK. Judging from the success of this review there appear to be many fans of Japanese cinema among you!

9 Coldplay take us to Paradise #coldplayfilm - It was one of the concert events of the year, one of the most incredible events visually as well as a very emotion-charged event. Our blogger took days to come back down to earth! The Coldplay show at the Stade de France was recorded to show the group’s tour on DVD, this tells you a bit about it.

10 #AltMinds reveals a bit more of itself at the Paris Games Week #PGW12  The trans-media game launched this year by Orange offers a unique experience of immersion in a mission that sees the virtual world overlap with the real world. It was met with success and quite rightly too. Gamers went searching for the tip hidden in this article!

Thanks to everyone for following us this year, on the blog, on social networks and on See you again in 2013 and until then, Happy New Year to everyone!


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