The Orange offline bubble at #LeWeb12 Paris


Having brought you articles, interviews and slideshows from this year’s LeWeb12 conference in Paris, I’m going to finish off by looking back on a magical timeless experience at LeWeb: the offline bubble on our stand.

The concept? A square-shaped bubble – you had to see it to believe it! – soundproofed to allow you to switch off from the crowds outside and enjoy a few minutes of relaxing and quiet time.

Because LeWeb is a series of three very hectic days where you attend one conference after another, meet lots of people and end up with an aching back and feet ;)

First of all, a hostess first tests your level of web addiction through a short questionnaire. Depending on the results of your test, you are invited to go into the bubble and get away from everything for a while – from the outside world, from interruptions, from your e-mails and from social networks.

You leave your smartphone with one of our team who will clean it for you and back up your data while you take your place in a suspended seat – a metaphor for time being suspended while you are in the bubble. As the seat rocks you gently back and forth, calming zen-like music plays and soothing fragrances are released. You can also enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, a soapy mixture for blowing bubbles and bubblegum for blowing sweet bubbles. All you have to do is relax, clear your mind and enjoy this sanctuary.

It’s a very pleasant moment and one that’s surprising too, because you’re at the conference whilst feeling a million miles away from it at the same time. The bubble has been a great success with more than 600 people taking the opportunity to relax and chill out for a while, including Vincent Ducrey, PPC, Freddy Mini and Nicolas Catard who describe their experience in the video below:

the offline bubble on the Orange booth at… par orangecorporate

Thanks to all the participants, thanks also to everyone who has followed this event with us once again on social networks and on this blog. We hope we have allowed you to experience LeWeb12 Paris as if you were here yourself ;)


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