the 2012 year by Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google and Yahoo!


As another year draws to a close, it’s a time when pages taking a look back at the year in review spring up like wildfire across the net. Here’s our “best of the best ofs” from the web for 2012:

2012 Year on Twitter

Twitter provides a year-in-review feature, showing the biggest events of 2012 throughout the world on Barack Obama smashed the record for most retweets with his now famous “four more years” tweet, accompanied by his Twitpic where he is seen hugging Michelle Obama. It was retweeted more than 810,000 times. You can also generate your own customized retrospective and see the tweets that marked your year.

2012 year on Twitter
the 2012 year by Twitter on

Facebook in 2012

Facebook also offers a year-in-review feature with Barack Obama is beaten on it by… memes! These small but funny images accompanied by short messages take first place in terms of the most-shared posts. Facebook also provides a recap of what’s happened on your own Facebook page with , which covers your 20 biggest highlights.

the 2012 year on Facebook
the 2012 year by Facebook on

YouTube 2012

PSY and his song Gangnam Style overtook Justin Bieber, breaking the record for the most watched clip on YouTube with more than 980 million views! It’s little wonder then that YouTube should give the video in question pride of place in its review. To mark the end of the year, the video website has created “Rewind YouTube Style 2012”, a funny, unpredictable look at the biggest events of 2012, with Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe as its background music. With over 26 million views in just two days, it will surely become one of the most watched videos of the year before December 31!

Google in 2012

The search engine provides a round-up of the most popular searches in 2012, grouping them into twelve trends on the Zeitgeist 2012 site. Whitney Houston, Gangnam Style, and Hurricane Sandy make up the top three most searched terms from around the world this year. Google also created a year-in-review video, Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review, that opens with the supersonic jump made by Felix Baumgartner, then goes on to cover the events, photos and famous faces that were most frequently searched on Google, like Oscar Pistorius, Barack Obama, Hurricane Sandy, the economic crisis in Greece, Whitney Houston, Pussy Riot and even French President François Hollande!

2012 on Yahoo!

Yahoo! News also offers a year in review feature via its News section that you can customize by country. The big stories and scandals, the people who left us, celebrities, trends and other events of 2012 are grouped into ten themes. You can also test your knowledge of what’s happened in the past year with the 2012 news quiz.

2012 year on Yahoo!
the 2012 year by Yahoo! on

That’s when you realize just how much has happened in 2012! I’ve really enjoyed the new album of Muse, the Women’s Forum conferences, the emotion of the Olympics, my first time on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and the amazing Curiosity mission of NASA who sent a robot on mars as Benjamin Cichy told us at leweb12 Paris. So what was your highlight of 2012? While I wait for your comments, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas :)

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