#LeWeb London 2013 – Digital Hippies and the Sharing Economy


On June 5th and 6th, Le Web returns to London for its annual edition and founder Loic Le Meur and his wife Géraldine have got a lot of exciting stuff in store for us, as this year’s program will focus on the rise of the New Sharing Economy.


In recent years, we have observed a clear social and economic shift in the way goods are exchanged, valued and created. People rent their flats or houses, lend their cars and even prepare dinner for perfect strangers thanks to new platforms and applications made available more often than not by startups: this current trend, branded the Sharing Economy, is growing rapidly and Le Web London will explore this new marketplace with a number of important speakers.

Indeed, some of the most prominent companies operating in this Sharing Economy will be represented in London, with Leah Busque, founder of TaskRabbit (to get a great example of what TaskRabbit does, check out this video shot during the Orange Blogger Bus Tour in San Francisco), Chad Dickerson, CEO at Etsy (mentioned in Pinterest guru Christian Radmilovitch’s interview) and Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplanche amongst many others.

These thought leaders and major players will talk about the main changes that have occurred, the financial specifics of this new economy and the impact these changes have on consumerism as we know it, and thus on established companies, who have to adapt to this growing environment.

And of course, Le Web London will also see the trademark Startup Competition take place once again, with bright innovators presenting their original concepts before a panel of judges. After initial pitches from all the contestants, the top 3 will be invited on the Plenary Stage on June 6th to present their projects once more, before the competition award ceremony.

Get the full program here, and stay tuned on the live Orange blog for daily, video round-ups from London!

Check out all our content from last year’s edition of Le Web London!


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