Phone Around the World

the world… a phone’s throw away!


Once upon a time, there was a phone that went on a trip around the world. Famous Polish bloggers Podróżnickich , alias Ania et Kuba Górniccy, came up with an original idea: to send their mobile phone travelling around the world, to get a feel of the current mood across the globe.

Phone Around the World

After giving their phone for a new model, Ania and Kuba decided to send their old Samsung Galaxy SII on a trip around the world. But they didn’t want their phone buried at the bottom of a briefcase or luggage; indeed, they wanted it to see the world!

Up until now, more than 80 people from 70 different countries have taken part in this adventure, including exotic locations such as Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Uganda and New Zealand. The phone has travelled to Georgia, Azerbaidjan and is currently on its way to the United Arab Emirates.

Each blogger, videoblogger or individual taking part in this adventure can record a short film, ‘One Cool Thing’, of which extracts will be put together into one big compilation video at the end of the event. Once he is done with it, the temporary owner of the phone can send it to the following owner – people can apply on the dedicated Facebook page. «You have to show how you got hold of the phone, what happens to it, browse the internet, take photos, share them on Instagram, on Facebook, and finally send the phone over to someone else», explain Ania and Kuba.

Phone Travel

This operation has no specific goal: «We’ll see how many people want the phone. The main thing is that people from all over the world are able to express themselves and take part in this event. We’re very happy to instigate such an international adventure».

A trip around the world does, however, present a fair share of risk: «Naturally, anything can happen», Ania and Kuba remind us. «Technical malfunction, falling in a river, getting trampled by an elephant, eaten by a tiger, lost, sent to the wrong address, etc… but we don’t want to think about that. We’re actually quite curious to see what’s going to happen. But we have a positive take on things».

The phone has reached Dubai today. Next stop, London ?

  • juan

    lo unico que tengo que decir a todos los que tengan pendiente portavilidad con oran que antes de hacerla se cecioren bien de la oferta que les han hecho.
    a mi me la hicieron y luego era ddonde digo digo ellos dicen diego y donde ellos dicen diego dicen digo osea todo un robo y ahora me toca pagar 113 euros y etoy dentro de los siete diaas de prueba .
    mucho cuidado con las ofertas de oran son la mayoria engañosas.
    yo tengo 4 lineas movil y ya saben donde van a ir en cuanto se hacabe la permanencia
    fuera de este operador fijo , me voy a otro corriendo y sin pensarmelo.
    un saludo a todos menos a los que en gañan.

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