the Palais de Tokyo reopens


The venue opened its doors provisionally last night for an all-new introduction to the place with 30 hours of artistic performances. A foretaste of what you will discover from next week onwards.

“The Palais de Tokyo was too small for the Palais de Tokyo.” So said Jean de Loisy, its director, as he explained the expansion of the venue from 7,000 to 12,000 m2 distributed over 4 levels devoted to creation, Modern Art, and in particular to artists from all towns. The architects’ ambition was to offer artists and visitors alike a space that was open to light and the sun, a mysterious and magic place, a place of light and liberty, by using the natural poetry of the place ‘for the pleasure of visiting because you feel good here.’

With the new Palais de Tokyo, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture, wanted to reclaim a space for contemporary art in France, “to create a place for creation, festivals and insolence.” He wanted to create an essential place for artists and exhibitions from around the whole world: ‘I wanted people to say ‘I’ll be stopping off at the Palais first.’

With 50% funding from the Ministry of Culture, the other 50% is funded by corporate players including Orange, one of the main partners alongside Swarosvki. Jean de Loisy therefore thanked Stéphane Richard and Christine Albanel for their in-depth involvement in this project, and their support in this adventure, calling Orange a ‘fascinating historical partner.’ As part of this re-opening, the Palais de Tokyo will thus show UrbanMobs, ‘mapping of popular emotions’ whose technology was developed in the Orange Labs. Beyond this first creation, this partnership will also be an opportunity to develop new projects of artistic collaboration and mediation tools for visitors, specifically the official Palais de Tokyo Smartphone app that will soon be released.

Still a work in progress, the Palais de Tokyo is nevertheless ready to welcome all visitors from all the districts of Paris, all the regions of France and all the countries of the world. So dear readers, if you live in Paris, if you are coming on a business trip, for a vacation or to fall under the spell of the French capital, come to the Palais de Tokyo and you will be made to feel most welcome!

Below is a slideshow of a selection of the works on show for the pre-opening of the Palais de Tokyo.

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