No Mails

email-free day at Orange!


On Wednesday July 10, we are getting ready for a day unlike any other at Orange: an email-free day!

Established as an essential means of communication in the world of work, email has been making our lives easier since the early 1990s. Thanks to email, the sharing of files and information online has been dramatically simplified, with this service developing over the years to enable us to send and receive all sorts of multimedia content today (photos, videos, audio)…

No Mails
A day without emails on Wednesday!

However, like any self-respecting innovation, email does of course come with its own set of specific issues: limited attachment size, information overload and spam, just some of the minor everyday problems that contribute towards the biggest problem we all face: time wasted linked to email use. According to a study by the corporate social responsibility observatory (ORSE), published at the end of 2011:

- 600 million emails are exchanged each year at Orange

- 70% of managers say that they suffer from an information overload

- 65% of users consult their mailbox every 5 minutes

These figures confirm it: email has become more time-consuming than anything else and to try to reverse this counter-productive trend, Orange has invited several thousand of its employees to spend one whole day, Wednesday July 10, without using their email! This initiative, which is expected to involve nearly 8,000 employees across France, aims to:

- limit time wasting and information overload

- avoid the phenomena that result in disruption to work

- reestablish human relationships and personalized exchanges

If you are also tempted by the idea of having one whole day free from email, here are some practical tips that should make your life easier. Of course, the decision is yours…

- Take more coffee breaks: you will increase your chances of bumping into that guy who needs to give you that file, the one you’ve been waiting to receive by email for three weeks.

- Remember your sports shoes: to go and pick up a PowerPoint presentation on the 2nd floor, get it validated on the 12th, then deliver it to the 6th, you’ll need to be in top physical shape, so come equipped.

- Use Facebook wisely: because you have saved a good hour by avoiding having to deal with all your emails, use this opportunity to go and look at the latest cat photos posted by your friends. Now that’s what effective time management.

- Pens at the ready: before your meeting starts, remind your good colleagues that a summary email will not be sent out and so everyone will need to take notes! Yes, even your manager!

- Time to get your practical jokes out: forget about your photo montages sent to your colleagues via email, it’s time to get your Whoopee Cushion out and turn to more traditional jokes. With moderation of course…

What about you, how would you imagine an email-free day? Do you have any top tips for ensuring a productive day despite everything? Share them with us in the comments below!

  • penny

    bonsoir, ce sera donc le seul mél de la journée :

    sollicité (par email) pour répondre au sondage de satisfaction des utilisateurs du SI, un collègue nous a répondu dans le questionnaire : “je répondrai jeudi ;-) ”, en plaçant le lien vers le blog sur l’annonce de cette journée sans email.

    ça prouve qu’au moins UN salarié (a) était au courant de l’initiative, et (b) a tenu l’engagement.

    :-) )

    nous verrons bien demain soir, quand il aura répondu comme promis au sondage, s’il aura manifesté une plus grande satisfaction sur l’outil “messagerie” !

    cdt -php

    • celine

      @PHP : merci beaucoup pour ce témoignage qui nous ravit (a) parce que l’article a été partagé (b) parce que l’initiative a apparemment bien été suivie ;) l’opération était lancée auprès des fonctions corporate uniquement pour ce pilote mais ce premier retour encourageant montre que d’autres entités sont partantes pour tenter la journée sans mails :)

  • frotiée

    super initiative mais dur de résister à appuyer sur Envoyer !!

    • celine

      alors Astrid, la tentation n’a finalement pas été si forte, si ? ;)

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